Aboriginal and Polynesian Goddesses

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Nyai Loro Kidul - Goddess of Waters and Temptation

Nyai Loro Kidul is a seductive mermaid Goddess, symbolizing the hidden and mysterious forces of the vast Ocean, reminding us to respect these forces, as they are powerful and unpredictable. Nyai Loro Kidul is still honored in Java, people respect the waters and not to swim where Nyai Loro Kidul rules. It is believed she searches in these waters for the mortals to serve in her underwater realm. To appease the Goddess, people leave offerings of coconuts, clothing and some say, also fingernail clippings by the ocean's edge. These offerings are eagerly accepted by the powerful Ocean.

Pele - Goddesses of Awakening

Pele is the volcano Goddess of the Polynesian people of Hawaii. Some say she appears to people as a beautiful young woman, just before her volcano is about to erupt. Some claim she appears as an old woman lighting her cigarette with snap of her fingers. The queens of Hawaii, Pele's priestesses, often made sacrifices and offerings to calm the Goddess. It is said, that since a princess Keelikolani in 1880 recited the old chants and gave offerings of silk cloth and brandy into bubbling lave of Mauna Loa, Pele appeased and grew calm.

The Wawalak - Goddesses of Opression

The Wawalk are a pair of Aboriginal Australian sister Goddesses. During a mystic time of Dreamtime, when all Gods and Goddesses walked on Earth, the Wawalk sisters accidentally polluted the sacred waterhole of the Great Rainbow Serpent, with a drop of blood. Rains started to pour down in angry response, flooding the waterhole. The Wawalk sisters sang in hope to please the Great Serpent, begging for the forgiveness, in order to protect their newborn babies. But Serpent swallowed both sisters together with their babies in one huge gulp. Covered by the darkness, fear and guilt, the Wawalk sisters wept within Serpent's belly, until they were reborn and brought back to the light.

Yhi - Goddess of the Sun

Yhi is an Aboriginal Australian Goddess of the sun and mother of all creation. According Karraur culture, Yhi together with the god Baiame, created humankind. She emerged from a state called Dreamtime. She slept, but got awakened by a whistle. She started to walk the earth in all directions, creating the life where ever she went. She went beneath the earth and banished evil spirits and darkness below, she melted ice and brought all insects and animals into the light. She then created a ball of light, put it into the skies and disappeared into horizon. Animals got upset, but she promised to return. She gave each animal an unique quality, and then she created humans.

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