Wisdom of Asian Goddesses

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Amaterasu Omi Kami - Goddess of Beauty

Amaterasu Omi Kami is a Japanese Goddess of Beauty and a Shinto Sun Goddess. She hid herself in cave after her brother, the Storm God, insulted her. Shaman Goddess Uzume, a comedian who entertained other Gods and Goddesses, provoked Amaterasu's curiosity and forced her to come out from hiding. When Amaterasu came out, she was dazzled by her beautiful reflection in the mirror. She is a reminder to bask in the radiance of your own beauty. She is a promise that all women posses the beauty and the light of the Feminine.

Benzai-Ten - Goddess of Beauty

Benzai-Ten is another Japanese Goddess of Beauty. She is a reminder of that you are the most lovely when you are being yourself. She is patron deity of geisha who are the artists of music, art, dance and conversation. Benzai-Ten is the only female deity of Shichi Fukujin (Seven Gods of Luck).

Seven Gods of Luck travels in a Dragon-headed boat, bringing a good fortune and prosperity to those who deserve it. Benzai-Ten is a patron of love, wealth and accessing feminine power.

Chang O - Goddess of Contemplation and Moon

Chang O is a Chinese Moon Goddess. Before she became a goddess, she lived among the gods and goddesses with her husband Yi, the divine archer. But when he shot nine suns down from the sky, leaving only one to shine upon the Earth, he and Chang O were stripped of their immortality and forced to live among the humans. Chang O begged her husband to ask the gods for a potion of immortality. When she drank it all, she became weightless and flew towards the heavens. She landed on the Moon, again beautiful Goddess, but unable to leave. She is believed to reside the Moon still accompanied with a celestial white rabbit.

Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion

Kuan Yin is a Chinese Buddhist Goddess of compassion, her name means "she who hears the weeping world". She was brought to heaven upon her death, where her pure heart and merciful nature transformed her into Goddess. She didn't wanted to stay in heavens, but begged to be returned to Earth, so she could help anyone in need. She is very beautiful, dressed in robes and lives on her island paradise, where she can grant every prayer she hears. She is very powerful, just mentioning her name can lessen suffering and hardship. It is said she still walks among the humans, looking after those who need her care. She will remain in human form until all mankind attain enlightenment and all suffering ends. In Japan she is known as Kwannon.

Leizi - Goddess of Revelation

Leizi is a Chinese Goddess of Lightning, she is wife of Thunder God. She uses mirrors to flash bolts of lightning through the skies, illuminating and revealing what has been hidden. In order to communicate with the mortals and to hear their requests, Leizi, together with other gods created thunderstorms using their combine power of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. They also used the thunderstorms to punish the guilty ones for their crimes.

Nu Kua - Goddess of Order

Nu Kua is a Chinese Goddess, in a body of dragon, who came to restore an order in time of what northern China people referred as the Great Chaos. She repaired the heavens and replaced it with colored stones, she also replaced the pillars of heaven with turtle legs. She enabled the rain to fall again, and seasons came in the rightful order as well. She wears a compass around her waist, symbolizing an order she restored. There are also two dragons who sit on two heavenly pillars, guarding the path of the sun and the moon, so they come in right order.

Tara - Goddess of Centering and protection

Tara originated in India is a major Goddess in the Tibetan pantheon. She is a compassionate mother Goddess, endowed with the power to heal all sorrows and grant all the wishes. Her name means "star". but also "she who causes one to cross". She will help those who ask for her help to cross to the other side of their difficulties. She helps those who ask for help in time of need, to steer a clear path, to find stillness and inner strength. She is a protector against the fears that block men and women from living in a harmony. She is also a goddess of self-mastery. It is said that from the first tear of compassion, a lake was formed. From the middle of the lake a lotus flower emerged, and when it bloomed, Tara emerged. She was offered to incarnate as a male, but she preferred to incarnate in woman form.

Green Tara - Goddess of Salvation

Green Tara is a Tibetan Goddess of enlightened activity. She is a youthful manifestation of Tara - the one who saves. She offer a gift of longevity and salvation from danger. Danger in ancient times meant eight great fears - danger of pride, delusion, envy, anger, false views, greed, desire and doubt.

Ukemochi - Goddess of Food and Transformation

Ukemochi is a Japanese Goddess of food, whose body after her death was transformed to supply food and other goods to nurture all of humanity. Through Ukemochi's death, life was created, which is renewed each year's cycle. Her head it is said was turned into cows who run off to populate the earth. Grain sprouted from her forehead and rice started to grow from her belly. Her eyebrows twisted into silkworms, whose threads were woven into colorful silks to dress gods and goddesses, protecting them from harsh elements.

Uzume - Goddess of Laughter

Uzume is a Japanese Goddess of Laughter and part of the Shinto Kami. She brings light of the morning sun and the joy of dance. She is often portrayed with a crown made of spindle-tree leaves, moss on her shoulders holding bamboo ornaments, from mountain Kagu. Uzume tricked sun goddess Amaterasu out of hiding, by humor and laughter. She danced and banged her feet so much, that pieces of her clothing started to loosen, making others, who witnessed the dance, to laugh. Amaterasu came out from hiding to see why were all laughing, and Uzume revealed to her, that they were celebrating another sun goddess. In truth Amaterasu started into a mirror, dazzled by her own reflection and beauty. Uzume made her to come into the light and shine again.