Free reading for Week 1

Free general reading for Week 1 from 04th of January until 10th of Januar 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

The new week will ask of you to go inwards for some retrospection, checking in with yourself after New Year's celebrations, setting goals and planning for the year ahead. Do you still feel strongly about your New Year's resolutions, or did they start to already fade? Try to re-think them again. Listen to your inner knowing, to your own insights. Let go of expectations of the world around you and rather tune inwards for a guidance. You may get images or feelings without knowing how to interpret them. Take some notes, journal about it. Know that you are not alone in this. Don't put yourself under no pressure, be gentle with yourself and allow an extra time and care to recover you energetically. Do whatever it takes to take a pressure of your outer world off your plate. You don't need to do more than you feel it is necessary. Be present in your life - it is enough. It is ok to look after your own growth and healing, in your own pace, before feeling that you should offer it to others.

You may also feel a strong need for doing some research, start to study a new way of healing, or a methodology or a new perspective on life. It may be a good time to open up to learning a new skill, gaing more knowledge about things you once promised yourself you would, starting a new course or a class. It is a great time to do such activities, as these may help you to gain more clarity, blessings and a good sense of direction into the New Year. If you feel stuck, it may be that you may feel that way due to your own obstinate desire to get what you want, when and how you want it. It may be uncomfortable to admit that the course of action you've chosen for yourself isn't the right one for you, and it will not bring you what you desire, no matter how much you try or push. Know that much better way is there for you if you clear yourself and your expectations out of the way.

Blessed New Year of 2021 to all

Carpathian Witch

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