Free reading for Week 10

Free general reading for Week 10 from 2nd of March until 8th of March 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week you may find yourself building or redecorating something. It may be your office, your home, or a project or you may even be doing some internal work as well. The most important message for this week is to step into your power. Know you have all what you need to make the necessary changes or decisions regarding what you are trying to build, remake or redo. You may be struggling to recognize the power within yourself, and in order to step into it more naturally you may need to first recognize your own talents and strengths, as well your own authority to take a charge. You may be also presented with opportunities through which you can utilize your powers. So don't hesitate and take a charge. Don't worry about how and whens, you will be guided in a good time. You will also receive many inspirational ideas, so your motivation and willingness will be high, when you choose to take things in more receptive way. Don't dismiss ideas, as you may never know what they might bring with them. Be open and listen to your inner knowing. You will move more swiftly if you do. Know that some things are set in stone, and no one can change them. Try to avoid spending too much time about things, situations or people who cannot be changed. Accept what is and move forward. Avoid doing things, which will separate you from the source - be it Spirit, your family or community. Be true to your core truth and values this week, but avoid trying to fit in just for sake of belonging. If you values or truth no longer identifies with a group or community, address your need for belonging and find a new tribe of like-minded people if necessary. You may feel a sense of loss or confusion for a bit, but know it is ok to let go of a pressure to fit in. Not everyone will understand you. It is time to move on, come into your own power and if necessary find a new tribe.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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