Free reading for Week 11

Free general reading for Week 11 from 15th of March until 21st of March 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week may feel a bit dark and fearful. You may feel trapped or even deceived. The best way to approach this situation will be to ask you yourself some deep questions, to step within and explore some deep hidden truth about yourself, your beliefs and values, and even your surroundings. Question everything this week. Stay true to your own beliefs. Something may feel not right this week. So if you feel like something is being withheld from you, or will just not sit with you, it will be a time to ask more questions, so you can shed more light on what is being kept hidden from you. If you find yourself on the cross-roads, tread carefuly. Before you take one or the other way, ask more questions, investigate, make sure you have all the information before you make a move. Avoid giving in to any negative thoughts, neagative self-talk, and stop catastrophizing. For some of you you may feel trapped and blinded. But know, that if you feel that way it may be due to your own doing. Avoid being your own worst enemy this week. If you find yourself in such situation, step back and detach yourself from the situation for a bit. It will give you time and opportunity to clear your mind and get some clarity. Know, that any set back is only temporary and things will change for the better again.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

Cards used - Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

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