Free reading for Week 12

Free general reading for Week 12 from 16th of March until 22nd of March 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week of Ostara celebrations and week of Spring Equinox will ask us to shed some of the old skin, to shed some of the past, old beliefs or stories. We may be offered a new creative energy, which may enhance passion, healing and a renewal within each and one of us. You may feel energy stirring within you, if you are aware of your energy centres - the chakras, you may even feel some of the centres to realign, to open and re-balance. Whatever will be triggering you it will directly or indirectly force you to let go of something old, which is holding you currently back, to shed some part of your old-self. It may be challenging to let go of that part, as you may have a strong attachment to this or that, but welcome the vurnerable part of you when this happen. It is ok to be insecure, to question or to be worried, as you are about to enter an unknown time, unknown landscape. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be curious, you will be offered a fresh experience of your life. Trust the wisdom which comes with this transformation, it will transform your sensual energies into beautiful, original manifestation. Avoid getting seduced by what you think you desire. Avoid compromising yourself and your needs, avoid manipulating situations to fit your superficial goals. Otherwise you may end up to re-learning a painful lesson. Remmember, all that glitters will not turn to gold, no matter how many wishes you make to change that fact. Stay true to yourself, to your core values this week, even if you have to let something or someone go.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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