Free reading for Week 13

Free general reading for Week 13 from 23rd of March until 29th of March 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week many may find themselves involved in building of some kind of projects or renovating our home or workplace. It may be an actual renovation or a symbolic one as well. Many of us will be asked to step into a position of our personal power. In order to do that, many of us will need to first recognize our own talents, strenghts as well as our own authority to take charge. How to utilize our skills perfectly. However, in other parts of our everyday, we may be asked to take a separate path. We will need to put end to what is no longer serving us. Some commitments may get broken as well. We may break a promise or will need to change a course of action, because we will realize that we maybe took more than we could handle at the moment. Use this time to reasses your goals and values. Are your actions in alignment with your beliefs? Are your partnerships mutually beneficial? Separation or some sense of dissolution will be the focus of this week. It doesn's mean anything negative, it is only a part of a bigger process. If someone wishes to break away in any sense from you, don't chase that person, but let it go. If you keep chasing it out of fear, you may end up paying much higher price just to keep it. If you keep only what you truly need this week, if you are able to step into your own power and create the change you need, you will experience a true happiness by the end of the week. You will enjoy joy and contentment, having a sense of fulfillment and will know that all is well.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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