Free reading for Week 13

Free general reading for Week 13 from 29th of March until 4th of April 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

This week is going to remind us that Life has its own circles, there is life, there is death, there is a rebirth and a new life again. One thing becomes another, as it is shown to us each year in the Nature, after every winter, spring and warmth emerges, and after each summer, cold winter winds overtake the earth again. We are reminded this week, that nothing is wasted and nothing is lost. We are only gently reminded to reduce, reuse or recycle what we have, to show gratitude for what we have been given and not to get greedy. To pay attention what we are consuming and why, but also to pay attention to the waste we are creating. We are all blessed with many material blessings, love and nourishment if we are willing to receive and acknowledge it. The abundance is all around us. Nourish your body and soul this week. Take a walk, or a soothing bath, touch the new spring grass, notice small flowers emerging after long winter. Look carefully around you and take time to enjoy your time in the nature. Get to know the land you are living in. Pay attention to what surrounds you. Nature is the best healer and teacher. It will show you that it emodies Divinity, and so you do too. Just remember, take no more than you need, give back in kind and there will always be enough for everyone.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

Cards used - Witches' Wisdom by Phyllis Curott

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