Free reading for Week 14

Free general reading for Week 14 from 30th of March until 5th April 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week may bring some disharmony or even conflicts, most likely with a woman in your life. It could be a friend, family member, work associate or love. This woman may be stepping out of the role of mother or wife. The energy may influence your relationship with your children, partners or your own ability to be a mother or a wife as well. If a situation comes up, when you no longer resonate with one and other, it is time to let go. Let yourself process your emotions and honor any grief that comes up. You may be in a process of deep transformation. As you will let go, you may also realize that you are also opening to a loving care that you deserve. It may be also a time of to address your own self-love and history of not caring for yourself. An attitude of extreme self-care may be required as well. Whoever it may be who may be stearing the energy, may it be you or someone else, it is advisable to stay conscious and aware. Try to stay centered, calm and empowered. A clear communication will be the key how to resolve this situation. This week will also invite you to recognize the value of chaos. Chaos is often necessary to clear the air, and to help you to let go of what needs to go. If it feels at the moment likr your life has been turned upside down, know it is only a temporary situation. You are asked this week to slow down, to simplify and course correct if needed. Just know that all storms and chaos have a great value to clear things up. And remember, this too shall pass.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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