Free reading for Week 14

Free general reading for Week 14 from 05th of April until 11th of April 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

This week may be pushing you to embrace yourself and the knowledge and wisdom you earned throughout your experiences, and acknowledge it as an essential part of you. You may doubt yourself this week, but you are being reminded taht you know exactly what to do in your current circumstances, whatever it may be. Question is, do you have the courage and commitment to make a wise choice? The guidance of this week is not to hide, but rather look within than without. Trust your own knowing, and express it. Some of you may experience feeling of doubt or fuzzy mind. The challenge may be how to separate what is true and what is misleading. If so, try to step back so you can look at things from different perspective. It may be, that you lingered too long in a place where you don't feel you belong anymore, or you thought that some quick fix will improve the situation you are in. Take any gifts you are offered by your current circumstances and dedicate them to the well-being of all, starting with your own. What do you wish to be remembered by, to leave behind, to be your legacy? What seeds are you planting that you will come to harvest when the time is right? Consider how your present choices will shape your future. Try not to delay or overthink your next move either. Don't fret about what was, but acknowledge the wisdom you gained by it. And then move on towards something new.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

Cards used all by Colette Baron-Reid

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