Free reading for Week 15

Free general reading for Week 15 from 12th of April until 18th of April 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

This week you may expect some good news or an exctiting time. It will take you on a journey, on an adventure or a new discovery. For some there may be an exctiting announcement of a new job opportunity or a promotion. Some kind of an invitation or an opportunity. Use your imagination and your determination to achieve your goals of sucess. For others, there may come an opportunity to dare, to be more open minded, to follow your own bliss. To go on a quest of some sort. We all will have an opportunity for a fresh start, a chace to chase your dreams. So try not to fret, but trust you inner knowing and follow you own spark and shine you light brightly. Even when your extern environment will paint you for a fool. Don't let others to drag you down to their negativity or worry. Avoid getting caught up in criticism or being too analytical, but let the current flow of energy take you towards new beginnings. It will transform you in and out. It is time for you to take a leap of faith and do what feels right to you, and you only. If you do, you will receive a reward you seek. It will be well worth all your efforts you put into following your dreams and taking actions towards your goals. you will be able to enjoy what you have accoplished in appreciation and satisfaction of job well done.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

Cards used all by Ellen Dugan

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