Free reading for Week 18

Free general reading for Week 18 from 27th April until 03th May 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

I am back this week with a weekly reading. This week many of us may experience some sort of conflict in our lives. Things may have gotten worse than first anticipated. The fear may be driving the bus of your everyday, making it hard for your own spirit to hover above the current situation and promote peace within and around you. You may even have to deal with some people or financial issues that seems damaging at this moment. Be careful that you are not asked to give more than you have to the situation or others. Though the situation may seem very difficult, it is really a matter of everyone, including yourself, making an effort to set things right. Those who are involved will probably seem unable to listen to reason. It is important this week to do what you can, but also to be able to step away from any conflict which may arrise from those who just want to have their way. Know that power of your own Spirit is always there to support you. Everything around is interconnected, and every experience you have, seems to have its own beginning, middle and the end. But know that every story is a part of much bigger picture. If you, or someone else around you will try to see on their story as a separate from one another, and making it their own and only priority, you may be missing out the bigger meaning. Remember to be part of a collective, and that every story counts, but only together this story can create a play for everyone. Allow the magic to flow through you and carry your dreams into reality.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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