Free reading for Week 16

Free general reading for Week 16 from 19th of April until 25th of April 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

The new week may start with some fallow time. There may be some financial worries or feeling like you are isolated from others who share a similar belief system as you. Some sort of feeling of disconnect and isolation may occur. You need to know, whatever will be happening at the beginning of this week, help is available to you if you ask. And if you do, you will be able to feel somewhat hard-won victory by the end of the week. So have a self-confidence, control, and the motivation to continue forward. Try not to give in to the temporary discomfort or failure. Have a determination to succeed. Tap into your personal power and you will se your goals manifest. Believe in yourself - combine determination, focus and willpower. If you will feel stuck, seek answers and advice from someone who might have been in the same situation before you. You may even seek a legal advice or some sort of counceling, if necessary. However, don't expect to get all the answers from an extern source. You will get help, but you will also need to figure out where to look for your won truths. Trust that you will find the answers yourself, using your willpower and determination.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

Cards used all by Ellen Dugan

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