Free reading for Week 2

Free general reading for Week 2 from 11th of January until 17th of Januar 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

In a week 2 you may be able to finally take an advantage of some expertize or skill you have gained, and which will allow you to start a new project or continue on an old one. Know you have all the equipment needed to get you started. Trust in yourself and your ability to do so. If you do, you will be able to master this new situation, will be able to take a positive action and focus your attention to materialize your potential. If you are considering a new training, do it. Finances will be also positive, so if you are considering expansion or a new project, go ahead. However, if a special skill is required for your sucess, it will be necessary to gain that first before you will see any positive results. Mind your thoughts, feelings and beliefs as these also co-create your reality. Believe in limitless posibility for yourself. If you wonder about time, know you have more time than you think, so there is no time to hurry or force for things to happen quicker. Your task at hand may require more research and follow-through, but in order to be diligent you need to remember to take all the time you need for it to be successful. This week stay disciplined, observe and experiment and remain adaptable, take your time and refine your skills if necessary.

Have a blessed week everyone

Carpathian Witch

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