Free reading for Week 21

Free general reading for Week 21 from 20th of May until 26th of May 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

The new week will bring with it a lots of opportunities to use your own imagination and creativity. Imagination will be the key to help you to create what you are dreaming about. You may be playing with many different ideas, daydreaming or maybe clearly seeing your future goals. Start to make some steps towards them. Making a vision board could be just the thing to help you along this week. Allow the power of your creativity and imagination to feed your soul. What you imagine will become your belief, which may pass as a reality. Be wary however, where your creativity goes, stay away from unhealthy alliances in order to conceal some old wounds. Not all relationships will dissapoint you. Don't abandon yourself. Connect with others in healthy way and interrupt old patterns which caused you to choose the familiar, and thus what dissapoint you in the past. Claim yourself as whole with your both good, bad and the ugly side. The world will not abandon you. Stay true to your soul's calling and follow your spark of creativity and inspiration within you. Be receptive and accept whatever is presented to you this week. Allow things to flow to you. Make space for miracles to appear. Be the shaped not the shaper, and you will be amazed how quickly your dreams will manifest into reality.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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