Free reading for Week 21

Free general reading for Week 21 from 18th of May until 24th of May 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week is a great week for a real change in your own or the consciousness in your environment. You may be asked to challenge some existing structures, which may be limiting your progress towards authenticity. It will not do to rebel in small ways - rather is a time to make it a big deal. Focus on what you really want to achieve this week, regardless of whether it feel far outside of box or not. Many may reject your ideas on the spot, but know real changes are rarely created in peaceful environment or are in any way comfortable. You may need to say no to an old way of doing things, or a group following a traditional approaches. This week will be a time of a major transformation, so let go of the fear of change. In order to do it smoothly you may need to seek your answers in your personal history. Go into your own story and find the threads of the patterns in your reality and trace their length to the present. You may be suprised by how much of your past is influencing you today. Perhaps you need to learn about the history of someone or something important to your inquiry, before you can move. It is time to dig a little to find the clarity you need before taking any action. Don't be afraid to learn about the patterns in your own history. The only way how to change your future, is to honor and change these is to know them first.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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