Free reading for Week 22

Free general reading for Week 22 from 27th of May until 2nd of June 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week might feel like a week of judgement. You may feel like you will need to weight prons and cons of certain situations, maybe will be in need to find a balance and sort of equilibrium in your daily life. If you find yourself in the situation where a decision will need to be make, try to step back for a bit to gain a broader perspective for better judgement. You may also find yourself cutting ties with some people or situations which no longer serve you, so don't stall and be afraid to let go. It is time to say goodbye to what is no longer for your highest good this week. Weight carefully all your options before you take that final decision. Listen before you take any actions. Take you time to think things through, so the plans you set in motion later on will be successful. Mind your wording this week as well, as your words will carry a weight. You may ask someone close to you for a wise councel on the matter. It will help you to deal with your emotions in more effective way. Try not to compromise yourself, but maintain healthy boundaries with others. Remember to stay true to yourself and maintain your connection to your Higher self and Spirit.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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