Free reading for Week 23

Free general reading for Week 23 from 01st of June until 7th of June 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

The first week in June will be a time of wrapping up and starting a new journey. Some loose ends will need to be wrapped, some things or people who don't serve you anymore will also need to go. It will be a preparation time for the next level in your journey. However before you set yourself on it, you will need to get through some uncomfortable chaos. Some things which you left unattended may be causing some conflict. Therefore it will be necessary to end what needs to end, and tighten what is loose. Things which are unsaid need to be expressed. Even if it will feel that it will release a storm, the force of the storm will be necessary to clear the way for the next part of your journey. Know that not all storms are destructive. They are often a helping tool to see things clearer, to get better perspective. Remember what ever is being stirred up inside you or between you and another, will benefit you later. The sun will shine again. So don't be afraid to shake things up a little. The reward will be that sweeter. A time of good fortune is on its way. You have worked hard and had a faith, and now it will be paying off. The time of abundance in all form is on its way to you. Don't forget to enjoy it and share it with others, as any treasure shared multiplies like magic.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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