Free reading for Week 24

Free general reading for Week 24 from 08th of June until 14th of June 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

You will need to take a time to rest this week. Remember, you are a human being not a human doing. Try to see if you are not suffering from workaholism, or that it is your job to safe and care for everyone in your life. Look back at what you have done until now, how hard you worked, how you nourished your loved ones around you. But you may feel empty and depleted, if you don't stop you will have no energy for yourself to continue. Don't let your ego keep you going full speed, when your own body and spirit are screeming for rest. Stop what you are doing and take a break. You will feel like a new person if you just give yourself a permission to do it. Otherwise if you keep on pushing this week, you may portend a possible illness. Everything has its season. Now is the time to put any depleting activity on hold and take a rest. Take this time for new or old ideas to gestate, to dream to plan. It is also a time to put all your arguments on ice. Nothing beneficial will come from any of them. Self-care is will be the most important activity this week, to reflect, to read a book or just to get a massage. Rest and dream.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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