Free reading for Week 26

Free general reading for Week 26 from 24th of June until 30th of June 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

During upcoming week you may experience not everyone appreciating you. Many will have their own issues to address this week, so do not take it personally even if you may trigger something in them as well. You are called this week to be fully yourself, without apology. It is time for honesty and admitting if something doesn't sit right with you. Claim the respect you deserve when you courageously stand for what you are and what you believe in. You may also be forced to address your perception on materialism and your possible attachment on "stuff". Let go of too much focus on what you wish for in tangible world, because you may not want to pay the price of keeping it once you get it. If something is being withheld from you this week, know it is so because something better is in store for you some place else. It is also right to say no to what isn't right for you. It is time to focus more on intangible wealth of spirituality and integrity this week, which will lead you to the highest dreams for your perfect purpose and true prosperity. This way you will experience your wishes fulfilled. You will be able to look back in satisfaction of a job well done. Give yourself the well deserved break and acknowledgement of all you have managed to create so far. Remember who you are and what really matters to you and act with integrity.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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