Free reading for Week 27

Free general reading for Week 27 from th of 29th June until 21th of 5th July 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week will ask you to shift your perspective, to stay objective and observe your surroundings from a bit distance. You are advised not to see the world only from personal lenses, so you can avoid getting stuck and overidentified your reality to be only what you perceive through your feelings and current experiences. This week may ask you to step back and rather distance yourself from your current circumstances, so you can observe it from more neutral vantage point. Instead of considering only yourself and your own needs, start to explore your current conditions, people, culture and environment you are engaging with now. How they are affecting you, what may you maybe change or eliminate. Remember every experience has its own life story with a beginning, a middle and the end. Try to avoid see things around you as separate events, but rather as a part of something bigger. Remmember you're part of the fluid of life, and all is interconnected and supported by the Divine.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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