Free reading for Week 29

Free general reading for Week 29 from 13th July until 21th of 19th July 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

You may find yourself at the proverbial fork in the road this week. The situation you may be experiencing will be somehow tense, like being caught between two opposites. Some inner conflicts between morality and conscious choices may occur, pulling you each in different direction. You may need to or be forced to accept that there may be more than two solutions, or possibilities or choices. Also that some decisions may need to be made, sooner than later. You may need to address if you are being led by your ego and materialistic desires, or by your soul and a higher calling. If you find yourself in an inner conflict, the only way out will be through a conscious decision. Choose what serves your higher intentions this week, and you will find a way out of chaos. Be comfortable in your own skin, know that you belong. It won't serve you chasing an ego based goal, but rather seek peace, secutiry and belonging, search for a place you can call a home. Experience what it is like to be and feel secure in your own skin, to live comfortably no matter what is happening in the world around you. It is also a time to open your eyes and heart to like-minded people, or someone who makes you feel like you've come home. Know you are where you're meant to be and you will find a treasure if you stay on this path no matter where it leads or how scary it may seem at first. Remember - your home is where your heart is.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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