Free reading for Week 3

Free general reading for Week 3 from 18th of January until 24th of Januar 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

This week may come with some mysteries for you to solve, or you may even be presented with some secret. You may find that something is going on beneath the surface, some hidden knowledge which will need to see the light of day. In order for you to find out what it is, you may need to attend to your inner feelings first, to listen more to your inner voice. You may also receive some help from someone who may truly understand the inner workings of your mind or your current situation. Allow that person to guide and help you as you go through the process of learning and understanding. Whatever which is hidden may appear negative, you should know that any unpleasant new is only unpleasant when you resist accepting what is. Some things may be kept away from you, no matter how much you desire to have them, because they may not be for your highest good. It may show itself as negative, to force you to change yourself or your conditions. Whatever will force you to change, don't fight it, but at the same time don't make it to rob you of your imagination. Remember, if you can dream you can create. Your ability to imagine is the key to manifest what you desire in life. Some things may not come through because the destiny and fate chosen otherwise, but not all is withhold from you. Tune within with yourself, listen to what makes your soul sing. Stay fluid and allow the power of your creativity to feed your soul. Allow your feeings to mingle with your inspirations. Only when you allow your imagination to become your belief, you will see it reflected in the material world around you. Adapt to the shift of your circumstances with grace anf lexibility this week, and remember that if you expect the unexpected nothing will come as a shock.

Have a blessed week everyone

Carpathian Witch

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