Free reading for Week 30

Free general reading for Week 30 from 22nd of July until 28th of July 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

Upcoming week will seek from you to bring integrity to your thoughts, words and deeds. It will really pays off to stay in the flow of honesty and being true to your word. Trust your ability to trust yourself and feel at home in your own skin. Hold your head high, balanced between pride and humility. Remain authentic and observe the life around you. This will give you a great position of power and strength. Bear in mind, that compromise isn't always an option. so stay true to yourself first and foremost. It may seem like you may lose something as a result, but don't worry. You will see the first results of staying faithful and loyal to your path, granting you more in return than you could have expected. Trust and see the beauty in your life and watch it to be transformed. Beauty is in the eyes of the one who looks for it. Try to see it even in the darkest places or situations, and you will be amazed. You may also receive something beautiful from someone in return.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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