Free reading for Week 31

Free general reading for Week 31 from 29th of July until 4th of August 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

This week will invite you to distance yourself from some people or situations in order to gain more perspective and understand your circumstances from more neutral vantage point. It will be also a perfect time to begin to do some exploring, not to only understand yourself but also to consider what are the conditions, people and environment which you are engaging with. It will serve you a great deal, as during this week you may be faced with some dilemma, maybe a fork in the road, and you will need to make a conscious choice regarding your next right action. No matter what choice you will take, just remember to take responsibility for it. You don't need to worry what choice you must take, even when some things may be still unclear. This week might also present you with opportunities to identify any fear which might hold you back. Remember, fear is seeing false evidence which gives the appearance of being real. In order to release any fear, remember that you are first and foremost infinite soul. Look at any obstacle through the eyes of your soul, and any fear will disappear. Don't struggle with your fear, embrace the part which is afraid and send it all your love. Trust your intuition on it, ask for a sign and you will receive a nudge in the right direction. Remember, life is about learning, so any choice you take will eventually lead you where you need to be.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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