Free reading for Week 32

Free general reading for Week 32 from 5th of August until 11th of August 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

The week of Lammas, the time of the first harvest of the Year has ended. Mother Earth was once again very generous to all of us. However, the upcoming week is inviting us to pay more attention to natural movement of the events in the world around us. Take a moment to recognize the effortless flow toward a certain destination. It allows us to see that all of us have the ability to move gracefully around any obstacle if we let ourselves to be in the flow and don't push things to happen. We are advised this week to trust that when the time is right, our dreams will begin to take shape. However, we are also advised not to try to open doors which keep being shut for us. Let it go. Now is the time to relax, to regroup, to reconsider our choices and to be patient. Let go for now of planning and focusing on our dreams. We have done all what we could for now - we have set our intentions in motion, so let them be shaped and delivered in perfect form and timing. Meanwhile be at peace, slow down and be in the moment.

Take this moment to also show gratitude for what has been already offered to us. We have air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat and shelter to sleep in. Remember that there is always enough and it is ok to take what we need. All we have to do is to share our abundance with others and to be grateful. We are also reminded to be generous, not only to ourselves but also to others, by giving our time, heart, money, kindness or care. What ever feels right. Because in order to have a neverending abundance, we all need to give into abundance as well, so the flow of generosity never stops.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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