Free reading for Week 33

Free general reading for Week 33 from 10th of August until 16th August 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week will ask you to address your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and how these are reflected in the world around you. Do you embody love you wish to see in the world? When you look into a mirror what do you see? Do you love yourself enough so you can see the same love reflected to you back? This week will place you at the proverbial fork in the road. You may experience a tention of opposites, some kind of duality of faith and doubt, love and fear, right and wrong, black and white. You are asked to accept that even when you are going one way in your life, another way may be calling you to change a direction. You will need to stop and evaluate what is driving your choices - are you ego-driven or soul-driven at the moment? Is the destination you are so eager to come to your soul's calling or an expectation of the society? Know that there are always choices in life. Your external decision making will solve also your inner conflict. If you feel like you are torn between the two dragons, the one you chose to feed will be the one that wins. Focus this week on self-love and self-esteeem, be truly honest about these two aspect of yourself. Are you at peace with yourself? Can you see how far you've come and how magical your life actually is? When you love yourself for who you are, when you show yourself the respect you deserve and rrealize that you are embodiment of Spirit, whole your life becomes easier. See the love within you and it will return to you tenfold. Be at peace with yourself - you are beautiful and loved just the way you are.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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