Free reading for Week 34

Free general reading for Week 34 from 17th of August until 23rd August 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

Some form of a fear may be leading you into places you don't need to go this week. It may be something you fear already or it could be a fear projected on you from society or collective. Know, most of what you fear at the moment is an illusion, most likely coming from a old belief that isn't even true anymore. This week will ask of you to be courageous. Remember, you will not be left alone, you will also not see all to get what they desire while you are left unloved or unoticed. FEAR is a false evidence appearing real. What ever part of you is triggered by a fear, don't hate it, but love it. Give it a hug and know that that part is only trying to protect you. However don't let the fear permission to make your choices for you. Be authentic, come home to yourself. Find a way to be comfortable in your own skin. Trust yourself that you are able to choose differently, to tell a different story, to take another way, or course correct. Hold your head high - with neither pride or humility. Instead be an observer, see the life around you through the eyes of your soul. Your authenticity is your home. Have a courage and take a leap of faith! Trust that you will be supported all the way.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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