Free reading for Week 36

Free general reading for Week 36 from 30th of August until 6th September 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week will require of you some direct action, movement, focus and conscious intention towards fulfillment of your dreams and desires. Focus on a desired outcome this week and take an action. Stalling will not do. If you are looking for a job - make a call or set up an appoitnment. If you are working on a project, set it up and get busy. This week is the week to start. Set some clear intentions and back them up by daily reminders and affirmations. Ask for help if you come to need some, seek others who can help and support you on your journey. It is time to be strong and determined, so use this week's energy to make your dreams come true. You may also find yourself resetting or course-correcting your actions, to make them more realistic, but also to reenergize the intention behind them. Make even small steps, but do them. True and deliberate action is needed this week, no matter how big. If your inquiry is about relationships and you may find yourself in a conflict or argument with another, this week will require of you to take actions towards mending through forgiveness, making amends and doing some deep healing after any argument. Release any resentment, mend any rift and let go of the old hurts. Only this way you will reclaim you power. Set yourself free by taking the first step towards forgiveness, release and peace.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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