Free reading for Week 37

Free general reading for Week 37 from 07th of September until 13th of September 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week will ask you endurance and strength. In order to bring your dream to life, you must think long-term and pay no attention to the fluctuations of your current circumstances. Know that joy and dissapointment are part of life, they are interconnected with infinite amount of opportunities. Occasional obstacle is nothing to fear. Remember life is not a sprint, so take it as it comes, know you have all the strength and fortitute to carry you where you need to go. If you are not satisfied where you are currently finding yourself, you will need to remove yourself from the situation. Remaining trapped and feeling like a victim will not help you. You may struggle to overcome denial about your situaion, as it may feel safe to remain where you are. Don't dim your light, but turning away from the truth will only keep you in your denial. Doing over and over same things and expecting different results is not a solution to your situation either. Take a risk and shine your beautiful light into the world. Take a courage, step into a new you. Accept any discomfort which will arise knowing that you are expanding and raising your vibration to new levels. If you find yourself in a crossroad with another, just because you are trying to say no to the denial and yes to your own authenticity. Remember, you are only responsible for your own choices and it is not your job to rescue anyone. Give others the freedom to learn their own lessons. Be honest with yourself, no matter how scare you are about loosing that person. Face your fear, tell the truth and set healthy boundaries. However, do it in a way - live and let live. If someone is too defensive towards you, instead of instisting about your own truth, try to step back. And remember: What is yours wil lnever be withheld from you!

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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