Free reading for Week 38

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Free general reading for Week 38 from 14th of September until 20th of September 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week will ask you to go with the flow of the events of your life - literally! You will need to re-connect with yourself, to see how pieces of your current situation fit together. You will be presented with many opportunities coming your way, as a result of previous actions and conditions coming together. Allow trust and faith to guide you forward. If you have issues in regards to your relationship - you will need to let go of your need to have things your way, in your time and your form, and allow the relationship itself to lead the way. Relax and allow your relationshp to form its own identity and energy. If you have issues regarding finances or work, try not to scramble but allow any opportunity coming your way to wake you up. Address your beliefs about abundance, prosperity and money. Your currency are your skills, talents, abilities and your core beliefs. Be grateful to serve and expect miracles to form. Know that everything you need will come to you if you allow it. However in order to stay in the flow, avoid devoting too much time to dreaming and talking about what you want in life. You will have to also get out there and make things happen. If you feel overwhelmed, start with some small tasks, but don't just sit around waiting for miracles to happen out of blue - do something. Remember, the big dream can become reality only after you have begun to take some steps toward it. Don't give up. Even when it looks like all is lost, it isn't. If it didn't come to you this time around, it will come again later. Destiny and universal flow of the events are in change here. If you surrender to that fact, you will loose nothing and gain everything. Your ego may have doubts but your soul knows, that what is true, will never pass you by. Know, this week destiny is unfolding with perfect timing and synchronicity. Stay active, let go of expectatitions and allow yourself to go with the flow of events.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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