Free reading for Week 4

Free general reading for Week 4 from 25th of January until 31th of Januar 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week may bring some delays but also hope for better future. Even when things may get a bit topsy, you are asked to pay attention to your surroundings and signs. Be aware of spiritual riches which may surround you, but you are too blind or too busy to recognize them. Avoid pessimistic attitude or having lack of confidence in your abilities. Try to see things from more positive perspective, even when they may not seem to be as such at the first sight. Dig little deeper to uncover what may lay hidden. Someone may offer you help and you may find yourself having a hard time accepting it. Don't stand in your own way towards your happiness. Accept with gratitude all what is being offer to you, no matter from what source.

If you are involved in a long-term business matter, you may expect some sort of improvement. Any practical matter involving finances may bring you sucess. However, only those business matters which have a sound foundation in reality. If you didn't set clear intention and didn't take any deliberate actions towards these goals in the past, don't expect any financial returns coming your way. Likewise. Finances may seem unstable, and even thou you may wish for impovement, but you didnt do anything in the past to improve your situation, nothing will change. So if you feel like you are underpaid or undervalued, now will be the time to take some deliberate actions to change your current situation. Summon the courage, and ask for what you need.

Have a blessed week everyone

Carpathian Witch

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