Free reading for Week 41

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Free general reading for Week 41 from 7th of October until 13th of October 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

Upcoming week will bring a bit heavy energy, which would probably require some decision making. You may arrive at junction where you will be forced to choose. Indecisiveness will only lead you to more frustration. The decision which you need to take but have been postponing will need to be address now. However, try to stay away from letting others to choose for you. Take responsibility for what ever choice you will take. Don't worry which ever way you decide to go, will be at this point a good one. In case it will anyway lead you to undesirable outcome, you can always start again. You may also expect to get some old loans to be paid to you, or you may find yourself in position to lend a helping hand to someone close to you. You may even get that promotion you applied in the past. Nevertheless, there is some money coming your way this week. However stay out of starting anything big or too courageous. It will most likely lead to nothing. You won't be able to move forward very constructively, so try to take the opportunity to take more rest this week, contemplate where you are and from where you came. If you find that the doors are kept closed for you and you will keep on pushing you may end up with a bleeding heart. If something doesn't seem to come your way, no matter what you tried, let it go. You will be glad you could stop it before it could get even worse. Use this time wisely, re-group and rejuvenate if necessary. If today is blocking all your attempt to move forward, stay still, because tomorrow is another day, always full of possibilities to start over.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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