Free reading for Week 41

Free general reading for Week 41 from 05th October until 11th of October 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week may ask of you to address your loyality, devotion and even fidelity. Are you too stubborn or overly tenacious about a certain idea which may test your loyality or devotion towards what you hold dear? Are you maybe too attached to something or someone that you just don't know how you can let go of it? Could it be that the situation became so much a part of you that you are not sure how you can go on without it, or who you will become if you truly let go of the attachement? This week may address these issues. You may need to look at your own outdated beliefs, old ideas or even misplaced loyalities. If you feel betrayed or think that someone is betraying you in some way, it may be a sign that it is really a time to let go of what or whom don't deserve your trust and therefore have no place in your life It will be helpful to address your own need of being conscious of your own connection to the Divine, Source or Higher self. To get again in touch with yourself and what you truly desire in life. To listen to your own soul's calling. Doing some meditation, taking some long walks in natura or even prayer may be the way to go during this week. Try to detach, empty your mind and get out of your own way. Trust that there is a plan for you and your life, trust that you are loved and protected, always. Be new, think new and open your heart to new things. Let go of the old and all your attachements. This way you will make a room for something much better to take its place.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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