Free reading for Week 42

Free general reading for Week 42 from 12th October until 18th of October 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This upcoming week will be testing your objectivity, your ability to shift your perspectives, and also may be moving you into more neutral observation from the distance. If you find yourself in a situation which may make you feel like your life options are literally suction-cupped to your face, so much that you cannot see beyond yourself, you may need to shift your perspectives. Know that there is a much bigger world out there, with so many posibilities which may be hard to perceive at present, if you are preoccupied with only one outcome or one plan. If things won't go as you planned and you feel a little stuck, it will be helpful to ask for advice from someone you trust and someone who may have a better perspective about your situation. Consider all the options, all the angles, all vantage points. Be objective. Other points of view will be very helpful during this week, so try to listen with open heart, eyes and ears. Don't hold back - ask for little help to widen your scope. You may then be able to receive epiphanies, or you will just know that everyting has a purpose, and feel what calls to you and lights you up. So be open, be mindful. When information pops up out of the blue, pay attention. If you feel stuck, step back and get yourself into observer mode, so you can see at things or situation from a different - higher perspective. Then, when the idea comes, take an appropriate action. Regardless of your inquiry, if you follow these steps, you will be able to transform your desire into reality in no time.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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