Free reading for Week 43

Free general reading for Week 43 from 19th October until 25th of October 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week may be asking you to examine your own ability to create what you desire. You will need to rely more on your analytical mind, your ability to reason and strategize. Take things at face value and follow more logical approach to things. Know that things are exactly as they seem and that you have all information you need. Try to keep thngs simple. We are also finding ourselves in Mercury Retrograte which may be slowing any kind of communication and even messing up with day-to-day technology. However, if you find yourself in a creative slump, or suffering from some kind of blockage, or feeling like the whole world is overwhelming you, step back and re-group, until you gain clarity about your situation again. Moreever, you may also need to ask yourself, if you are trying too hard to create all what you desire without nurturing your spiritual connection to your higher self. You don't need to do everything yourself, your own co-creation of your reality can be easier done when in partnership with Spirit. Trust and reconnect with what inspires you. In order to do that you may need to also take some time for self-inventory and be rigorously honest with yourself and your motives. Addressing your sense of guilt may also come up this week. Releasing yourself from any guilt will keep you accountable for your actions, but avoid any self-sabotage and codependency. Let go of any self-blame, but rather take a courage and make amends, if needed. Knowing when you have may harmed others or yourself will free you from this burden and will clear a path towards more successful and easier manifestation of your dreams. Pay attention, take a necessary action and uncage yourself from the prison of your own making.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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