Free reading for Week 44

Free general reading for Week 44 from 26th October until 01st November 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This last October week will ask of you to remember how each of you is blessed. It may be hard to see through many challenges you may be currently facing, but it will be advisable to stop for a minute and be grateful for all the small and big blessings you can see, feel or in any way be experiencing in your life. Things may not go exactly as you would like. You may be called to be more humble this week, as a grace is an unearned gift. Know that some blessings are given to you, for no reason - just because - you didn't gain these by your own desires or actions. Acknowledge it, be thankful for them. But remember, to truly get what you desire, to truly be who you need to be, you can no longer do what you did. It may feel in many ways like hitting a rock bottom, but know that if you allow yourself to surrender to the fact that there are certain things which are out of your control, the only way from the situation is by the way up. Remember, you don't need to do all by yourself. Have a little faith that help will come your way, you don't have to carry everyone's burden on your shoulders. Let go of idea that it is all up to you to solve everyone's problems. This is not the way this week. You may be forced to come out of your comfort zone, and to be vulnurable by doing so. You must let someone else to assist you on your way - you can't do life all by yourself. Shift your expectations and you will be amazed how quickly help will arrive and give you a leg up! No matter what your inquiry.

Blessed Samhain to all

Carpathian Witch

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