Free reading for Week 45

Free general reading for Week 45 from 4th of November until 10th of November 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

The next week will be a time of a great return, you may expect to receive some rewards, tangible but also spiritual. You have been putting good things in your karma pot by sharing your gifts with the world, and now it time to enjoy some of the good karma to be shown in your life. You have worked hard, now is time for the Universe to give back to you. Avoid denying your inner voice in any way this week, allow yourself to be on the receiving end with no guilt. You are asked to wake up to the power of the messages you receive as well this week. Maybe you have been denying your inner voice in some way, or you got the message which you haven't acknowledged properly out of fear. So in order to be open to receive all what you are blessed this week, you need to listen to the voice within and respond to it accordingly. By the end of the week you may however come into a dispute with some of your friends or within a community in general. Feeling of not belonging, or drifting away from what you once hold dear may occur this week as well. You may start to get interested in other new things which will cause you to step away from what was familiar. So if you feel compelled to leave certain group of people or situation, do it. If one collective doesn't resonate with you anymore, there are others which will. Keep looking, be open and allow yourself to receive what comes your way.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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