Free reading for Week 45

Free general reading for Week 45 from 02nd November until 08th November 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week you may find yourself in some sort of transition, it may be emotional, mental or even physical. You may feel you are not quite out of one situation, but not fully engaged in another. You may also feel temporary blinded or lack clarity about the issue. You may need to let go of the tendency to make any assumptions this week, especially within your relationships. You may not be able to see what is ahead, stay therefore curious and trust the process of change and growth which you may be experiencing at the moment. You may have an increase need to express your love this week as well, more than you may have done before. You may be on the way to explore what loves means more deeply as well. Remember, love involves a give and take between you and the other. Use this time to express and explore your love. However, be carefor what you pray for when it comes to especially to your relationships, because you just might get it - and then realize you don't want to face the hefty price that comes with it. It may be, that you will find yourself in a situation you've always desired but know you will have to walk away from or even fail at it, because you can't or won't the dues it asks of you. Be mindful of it if you find yourself in such situation. Avoid being only the giver and not the receiver in your relationships, especially in which you find yourself in a victim mode, or where is codependent dynamic or where you may be holding to a false sense of control. Others may be pushing you to continue to prove yourself to them this week. You will need to distance yourself from this kind of imbalance. Be aware of your own need to both give and take, so you can maintain a healthy balance, especially within your relationships.

Blessed Samhain to all

Carpathian Witch

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