Free reading for Week 48

Free general reading for Week 48 from 23th November until 29th November 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This upcoming week may ask of us to address our own inner child. It may be a time to examine our own role as a mother, father, a sister, a son, a dauther or a brother, or your ability to just assist or nurture a child in general. You may find yourself to be called to tend to your own inner child, your curiosity, imagination and creativity. You may be asked to play with some idea or a project, something brand new, which may feel a bit out of box, but will require of you to embrace your ability to be teachable, to be curious and to look at events of this week with open mind, almost as as looking at the world through the innocense of a child. Treat yourself, or the new beginning with sweet, tender love, nurture and nourish it. Give it every change to grow and to reach its full potential. Encourage it, even when it makes no sense at first. See yourself and others as innocent children, knowing that deep down everyone is trying thier best and if they are treated with an open mind, they will not resist change and will grow. Step into your true power and essence, and allow others to the same. You may be required to bring out everything you are this week - all what you have learned, experienced and integrated so you can best offer it in service to others. Shine brightly, don't be afraid to stand apart. Don't make yourself small in any way, enjoy a spotlight - there is nothing wrong with it. Take a courage and allow yourself to be pround of who you are. Don't dim your light but allow it to shine brightly, so you can inspire others to step into thier own light and join you along the way.

Blessed week to all

Carpathian Witch

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