Free reading for Week 49

Free general reading for Week 49 from 30th November until 06th December 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week be mindful of your expectations. It will not be a time for any guarantees and thus some things may not go exactly as you have planned. Try to let go of a tendency to dictate things thigs this week, but let go and let the life show you what it has in store for you. Avoid a tendency to try rescue another, in order to change or miraculously heal them. Or do you believe that someonw else will come and rescue you and take away all your troubles? Look closely at the reality as it is rather than the illusion of how you'd like it to be. It is time to step back and rescue yourself, for yourself, and find a way how to dicern the difference between truth and fantasy. Take things at face value and follow the logical path this week. Know that sometimes there is no deeper meaning in things, than what is obvious. Things will be exactly as they seem most of the time during this week, and know that you will have all the information you need. Keep it simple this week.

Blessed week to all

Carpathian Witch

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