Free reading for Week 5

Free general reading for Week 5 from 1st of February until 07th of February 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

We will start this week with Imbolc celebrations - celebrations of first light, the first signs of coming spring. This week will also ask you to celebrate the first steps towars light. Follow your bliss this week, especially when you are about to try or start something new and completely different. Be encouraged to be brave and more open-minded to new prospects and ideas. Think outside of box if needed. Avoid being dragged down by worries about whats or ifs, but take a leap of faith and believe that any path you take will lead you towards success. And if you do, you may receive some kind of victory this week. You may achieve something you have been working hard for, or receive some kind of recognition as well. You may overcome obstacles which may have been in your way towards success. In case you feel like you want to give up, don't - you are advised to hang in there. Know that even when it feel like times are tough, you will get through anything which may not go as planned. Keep trying, and you will be victorious at the end. This week will also ask you to be more open towards hospitality. Overall this week will be full of small or big enjoyable celebrations even small gatherings with family or friends. If you do, stay safe.

Have a blessed Imbolc and rest of the week everyone

Carpathian Witch

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