Free reading for Week 51

Free general reading for Week 51 from 16th of December until 22th of December 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week will come with blessings of clarity. If you felt like you don't know where to go, or you lacked guidance for the next steps, know, that during this week, you will receive the clarity and clear directions. Clarity within - to know your own soul's calling and how to follow your soul's purpose, even when the path before you will seem unclear, dark and overgrown. You may find your way to the knowledge of your own self, what is best and right for you to do in this moment.

This week will also mark a time of magnificent healing on many levels. You may meet or encounter a person - a great healer, or a teacher who may share some healing gifts with you, which you can pass on the others. You may already know this person, or you may not. So watch out for him or her, as she or he is coming. You may also be called to help others as well this time. Remember that the word and a thought are the most important components in healing of yourself and in teaching others.

However be mindful of focusing too much on the other people, to be too helpful. Don't take other people's responsibility on you, in order to feel loved or needed. Don't clean up someone else's side of the street. You are not doing yourself or the other person a favor by taking on their responsibility. Remember - you are loved as you are. You don't need to be needed to be loved.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Bright blessings,

Carpathian Witch

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