Free reading for Week 51

Free general reading for Week 51 from 14th December until 20th December 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

You are asked this week to be fully open to your feelings, even when they may feel like a rollercoaster, which may be quite a challenging experience. Be present with all your feelings, especially how to be delighted in yourself, in your own wild and sensual nature. Be fully physical and free in your own skin today. Know that your feelings come and go, luring you, guiding you, fulfilling you. Embody your own sensuality, pleasure or examine depth of any of your feelings. Give yourself a permission to embody your own emotions, no matter in which form their present themselves to you throughout this week. Own them, accept them. They are part of you. Shred any old skin which may have outgrown you, allow yourself to be vulnerable in order to do so. Examine what do you love, what do you love to do. Give yourself openheartedly to yourself, to your purpose, to those you love and you will flourish, and so will all to whom you give your love. Give your love to the world and the world will flourish. Look at your choices - do they only benefit you? What are the consequences for others? Examine if you can make choices which may benefit you without harming others?Remember, what you choose matters, what you do makes a difference. Offer your joy and love, gratitude and generosity today, and the world around will offer the same in return.

Blessed week to all

Carpathian Witch

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