Free reading for Week 52

Free general reading for Week 52 from 21th December until 27th December 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This upcoming Yule celebration week may ask you to be openminded, stay connected and trusting in yourself and your own abilities. Thing will be more than they seem, therefore pay attention. It may be a good time to let go, to trust and to allow yourself to be vulnerable. You may experience some personal challenges, which may require some soul searching on your part. You may be dealing with a shadow part of yourself, or even someone else's and these unresoled issues may trick you to react from a wounded place, from some unresolved issue from the past. Open your heart and mind when this happen, allow yourself to be vulnerable and allow any past issues or resentments to help you grow and love yourself even more. Release any resentments and negative selftalk. You may be also challenged during this week which may be preventing you from moving forward with some plans. It may not be a time to do any significant progress. If you will experience any setbacks, know that it is only temporary - you or actors surrounding the issue may just not be fully ready. And it has to be ok. Avoid pretending or adopting "fake it until you make it" attitude. It is also not time to deliver something half-finished. Know it is ok to postpone until you are really ready. Remember to breathe and trust that the universe has your back. You may need to take some time to clear you mind, to meditate and to re-connect.

Blessed holiday week to all

Carpathian Witch

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