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Free general reading for Week 52 from 23rd of December until 29th of December 2019

Hello beautiful souls,

Yule blessings are upon us and the last week of the year is asking you to crack your heart open, especially during those times when you want to close it. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time, try to however not to curse the situation, but see it as a blessing. Open yourself up to the truth, even when it is hard. In not time you will see that there was a good reason why things happened as they did, otherwise you would not find yourself in the moment you are right now. If you have been hurt or experienced any loss, allow what is falling away to fall away. Remember, whatever is happening is happening for you, not to you. Now is the time to go gently, to treat yourself like a tender sweet baby. Don't worry about anything, trust that you will be taken care of, and so you will be. Any fear you will experience during this week is an illusion. Choose love instead, and forgive yourself and others for any mistakes you've done. Remember, fear is a false evidence appearing real, nothing else. Avoid any negative self-talk and self-criticism. Be gentle with yourself, and remember you are a spirit having a human experience. Enjoy it with its highs and its lows as well. Every experience counts, in each is a hidden blessing. Release any resentments or negativity you still hold into, so you can start the New Year fresh and light.

If you feel any confusion or uncertainty, wait it out until your mind and perspective will clear. It is not a good time to make any major decisions right now. Allow yourself to feel confused, rather than trying to make things happen no matter the costs. Instead be still and patient. You will be glad you did.

Yule blessings to all and have a wonderful last week of the year

Carpathian Witch

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