Free reading for Week 53

Free general reading for Week 53 from 28th December until 03rd Januar 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

During the last week of 2020 may be a good idea to examine your abundance and how well you have been able to be in alignment with law of attraction, how much your dreams came to fruition despite the temporary chaos and discomfort. Where your positive thinking stands and how strong it is, so you know where to start. Avoid a poverty consciousness and a sense of "not enough". Don't proclame yourself as a victim - a victim of pandemic, or some other dissapointment or fail expectations you experienced during this year. No one truly knew how the global situation of 2020 will impact the world. There are many whose plans were sat on standby or got cancelled. We are all in this together. The question is how you will address the situation you are currently finding yourself. Know that everything has its season, and that year of 2020 may have been that time of the cicle where humanity was put on hold, while we needed to rest and get more in-touch with ourselves. This season is not ending yet, the world is still in a deep freeze on many fronts. But this doesn't need to stop your own personal groth and development. Use this "pregnat" pause to allow any ideas to getate, or project to shift and change, for plans to be adjusted or course corrected. It is time to dream and rest. But it is also a time to put any arguments on ice as well. Use this time for regeneration, for self-care and reflection. You are challenged this week to change the way you see the world and move from a perception of limitation to a perception of abundance. Take a risk, you have nothing to loose, exept your confinement in a prison of your own making.

Blessed last week of 2020 to all

Carpathian Witch

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