Free reading for Week 6

Free general reading for Week 6 from 3rd of February until 9th of February 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This upcoming week will ask you to claim your independence and create some space between you and others in your life. The only way how you can be able to grow in any of your relationships will be by having a healthy sense of self-respect and self-worth about yourself. You are asked to stand tall, don't dim your light and walk with dignity and know who you are. If you show the world your independence, the world will minor it all back to you with respect. Shine your light and don't give into fear. Don't hide yourself for fear of rejection. Don't be afraid of success or a failure. Be aware of a false power or superficial beauty this week. If you are setting intentions this week, make sure they are based on what lies within you, not on money or love. Ask yourself what you can offer, what you can give this week. Remember every choice you make during this lifetime, puts something back to your karmic pot. Law of cause and effect is a powerful force. Don't take it lightly. Some of your karmic debt is carried from previous lifetimes, some is embodied within your DNA. Your today's action creates tomorrow's consequence. Choose the calling of your soul rather than empty promises of ego. Remember the true wealth lies within peace and harmony and a sense of purpose. Detach yourself from a specific outcome. What is meant to be yours, it will surely find its way to you. But it is not time to hold back this week either, so take a risk and walk bravely into the unknown.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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