Free reading for Week 9

Free general reading for Week 9 from 24th of February until 1st of March 2020

Hello beautiful souls,

This week may ask from you to make a decision which way you want to go on the journey of your life. You may need to address your choices and what direction you want to continue. You may have mixed feelings about taking a certain track in your life with regards the relationships, career, projects or even a location. You may have experienced setbacks and therefore may feel unsure which way to go next. You are being reminded, that the road to success is seldom straight, and what you may experience as a set back is an opportunity to take a different approach. You are not going backwards, but the road is taking you upwards in a spiral movement. You may encounter familiar situations which may bring out memories of the past failures, but know they are only memories. How you choose right now counts, and it will take you further and closer towards your goal. Be mindful of your perception of things this week. Allow others to make a first move, if the situation requires it. Be open and curious, but dance your way forward in your own rhythm. If you will feel stuck anyway, take a time off. Few minutes or a day - unstructured, unplanned time only for yourself will do the trick. A bit of solitude in silence will put you right back on the track. Don't deny yourself this gift, because you may regret it later. The energy will be forcing you to move forward, as the time has come to made some deliberate decisions where you want to go from now on. You may still not be 100% sure, but you will be out of time soon. So if there is a direction which compels you, take a risk and get on the board with it.

Bright blessings to you all

Carpathian Witch

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