Free reading for Week 9

Updated: Mar 8

Free general reading for Week 9 from 1st of March until 7th of March 2021

Hello beautiful souls,

The upcoming week may bring a change and transformation. One part of you or an old belief or story may come to the end, so that a new may emerge. Dont fight the change, it will be necessary occurance of this week. In order for something new to grow, something old has to give away. For some of you the changes or endings may be important and significant, some of you may be mild. Allow for any of these to happen. Allow room for new beginnings and opportunities to emerge, no matter how significant. The energy may ask you to take a deliberate action towards what drives you, what inspires you. Towards your own creativity and passion. You may expect a movement toward something unexpected as part of it this week. Even an exciting activity and some sort of exhilaration can be expected. You may also find yourself challenged how you will embrace the change and how to enjoy yourself on your way towards something exciting. If you will feel resistance, ask yourself what may lay behind it. Contemplate on it and then let it go. Allow for the change to take its course. Try not to fight it, but rather to understand that it is an important part of what is happening in your lfe right now. However, respect the forces around you, any resistance which may resurface, be it in your environment or your own body. Your mind or body may want to go with this energy full force ahead, but avoid getting burned out. Find the balance, be sure that you are full aware of the change and what it requires of you. And let go fully. Only then will have a great opportunity to bring new, creative ideas in your world. Don't forget to focus on your family and your loved ones. Embrace your own creativity and your own sexuality and sensuality, and work joyously and respectfully with powers of nature as well.

Have a great week everyone

Carpathian Witch

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